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Olivia Dyer was just 10 when she endured her first of what has been four surgeries to repair Tarsal Coalition, a disorder of the feet which is an abnormal connection that develops between two bones in the back of the foot (the tarsal bones). This abnormal connection, which can be composed of bone, cartilage, or fibrous tissue, may lead to limited motion and pain in one or both feet.

Olivia is a junior at Chatham High School. She is involved with Yearbook, Student Government and yearns to be back on the Volleyball team.

Olivia enjoys helping others. She rings the bell for the Salvation Army and is an active member of our local Z Club, which is a part of Zonta International. Zonta's mission is to empower women through service and advocacy. Olivia is focused on serving others, but she needs help at this time due to medical expenses.

Our Community Cares, Inc. is currently assisting Olivia and her family with medical expenses incurred for her most recent surgery of 12/4/20. Follow ups which are in NYC will also be followed by weeks of physical therapy.

To learn more about Tarsal Coalition you can visit

All money donated to Olivia and her family goes directly to them.



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