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In 2017, I started exploring opportunities to support the Charlotte community. I met with a dear friend who shared information about the Hospitality House of Charlotte (HHOC) and asked if I would help drive their 2018 fundraising campaign. I had never fundraised before...it was a little daunting. 

So I visited the house and instantly fell in love the moment I opened the doors and walked in from the cold. The house was warm and cozy and the smell of bacon and pancakes, which was being cooked by a group of volunteers, made me immediately feel at home. Then, I saw this sweet older gentleman walking down the hall to greet his family for a visit. I learned later the gentleman had recently received a liver transplant and he and his wife had been staying at the house for treatment.

I wish I could bottle that memory up for others to experience. That memory and the HHOC's purpose is what's kept me serving as a volunteer and now, a board member.

In summary, I found my way to support not only the community, but also their loved ones. The HHOC has supported families across the globe as they visit their loved ones, who are patients of the hospital and receiving treatment for organ transplant, cardiac, oncology, and trauma.

I'd love for you to support the HHOC through my fundraising page. Thank you for reading!

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