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As President of Hospitality House Young Professionals (HHYP) and a member of HHOC's board of directors, I am thrilled to be a supporter of HHOC!

Hospitality House of Charlotte is dedicated to providing the comforts of home for families of seriously ill loved ones by offering affordable accommodations in the heart of Charlotte’s medical community. Many families have a loved one being treated for cancer, are awaiting or receiving an organ transplant, have experienced trauma, or are facing other serious illnesses. Your tax-deductible donation is vital to the HHOC mission.

With my full time gig working in the transplant department at Atrium Health, I'm able to see first-hand how crucial an organization like Hospitality House is to the transplant patient population.  Many patients travel HOURs to receive their life saving organ, and even after being discharged, they have several follow up appointments/tests/labs with their transplant team.  HHOC is not only convenient to the best hospitals in the region, but also affordable and comfortable.  

Hospitality House provides a bridge to health for all!

For more information about Hospitality House of Charlotte, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, or visit their website.

Donation Amount Impact

  • $45 - Guest room rate for one night
  • $75 - Cost to operate one room for one day
  • $100 - 35 loads of laundry
  • $135 - A new bedding set
  • $350 - Provides breakfast food for one month
  • $500 - A new mattress
  • $750 - Operates 10 rooms for one night
  • $1400 - Operates the entire house for one full day


  • Hospitality House of Charlotte was started in 1985.
  • The main treatment areas that we serve are cancer, cardiac, and organ transplant.
  • Many of our guests are patients receiving long-term treatment.
  • Hospitality House of Charlotte serves 4,000 patients and caregivers each year.
  • Guests from all over the world stay at Hospitality House. We’ve served patients and caregivers from all 50 states and 41 countries. 
  • Hospitality House has 20 bedrooms and can serve up to 80 people in one night (during the pandemic we are currently operating at 75% capacity)
  • Some of our guests come to Hospitality House with little to no warning. By offering complimentary laundry supplies and washers and dryers, they are able to have clean clothes even if their stay is longer than anticipated.
  • Our House is located at 1400 Scott Avenue, just across the street from Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center, and 1.5 miles from Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Once checked-in, guests may extend their stay for as long as the patient needs treatment
  • A complimentary shuttle service transports guests directly from the House to both nearby hospitals 7 days a week.
  • We serve patients of all ages.


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