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Working at Hospitality House of Charlotte for the past two years has opened my eyes to the incredible need for affordable lodging in close proximity to hospitals.

I've met numerous guests whose lives were upended sometimes without warning, and they packed up to move hundreds, sometimes thousands, of miles away from their home to seek medical treatment in Charlotte for an indefinite amount of time. 

Those same guests have also expressed their gratitude to me time and time again for being able to stay in a comforting, affordable, easily-accessible, and well-supplied House, while they or their loved one receives treatment nearby. 

Sometimes hotels are not affordable due to the length of stay and the amount already being spent on medical bills. Other times, our guests don't have reliable transportation to and from the hospital, or feel unsafe driving in a big unfamiliar city. 

Hospitality House provides a complimentary shuttle service for guests, and some treatment facilities are even within walking distance. In addition to these necessities, Hospitality House provides a community. I've met families who still keep in touch months down the road, calling and emailing to share prayers and updates on their sick loved ones.

This House, this community, is so worthy of your support. By helping me reach my goal of $1,400, you will be helping support an invaluable resource for families in medical crisis. 

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