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Help to build a much-needed kindergarten at Makoko Primary School !


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After much thought, I have decided to demonstrate my continued support towards the community I served in with the Peace Corps by fundraising to construct a Reception School (Kindergarten) building.

My intent is to raise 25,000 USD – with an autumn deadline - and visit the Kingdom of Lesotho later this year to help see the project through.

I aspire to raise the sought after funds by many people donating small amounts of money – opposed to few contributing a lot. I feel accomplishing my financial goal in this manner is more consistent with the spirit of this project.

Since leaving the Peace Corps, I have been engaged full-time with the military as a soldier, currently deployed overseas. Throughout, this project has been on my mind, waiting for the right moment to initiate. For myriad reasons, I feel that time is now.

So, I challenge you do donate. But more importantly, I challenge you to share this, promote my story as you see fit – ideally with your own anecdotes and experiences - and while doing so, put forth a little authenticity - and truth - to this sometimes ugly and pseudo concept of social media.

Thank you for your support.



159 supporters

$25,000 goal

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Kenneth Tucceri