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"Hi Everyone! I'm Jenavie! I'm transgender and I'm here today asking for your support in finally getting life affirming surgery.
I was born and raised in San Francisco to two immigrant parents. My mom is from the Philippines and my dad is from Iran.

Growing up, I never really got support around my gender and the expression of it. In fact, I was told with violence and rage that it wasn't ok. I've faced all the horrific things a trans person can face short of being killed. I've been beaten, called names, shunned from communities, denied jobs, faced homelessness, and I could go on...

What's gotten me through all of that, has been the resilience and care of my community, and the people in my life that I chose to surround myself with that truly love me for who I am.

The love of community support has been incredibly healing to the younger me that never got to be herself... and... as much as there are people in the world that seek to deny us our right to exist, more and more people are starting to understand, accept, and protect us.

Things exist today that give me so much hope and joy for the next generation. We're being included in media like television shows, movies, books, and video games in ways that wasn't done or available when I was a child.

Things that if I saw earlier, would have helped me understand myself and my needs better. Sometimes I get really sad that I didn't get to transition when I was younger, but what fills me up with joy, is knowing that I can do it now.

So, I am coming to you, my community for support, so that I can finally have access to life affirming surgery and living my best trans life. This fundraiser is for my first set of surgeries, and hopefully, if we exceed the fundraising goals, all of my surgeries.

Anything helps, whether you can give $1000 or $1, or even a share, thank you for the gift of your support.

I want to thank Kritter Klips for sponsoring my surgery fund with 100% of the profits from their Pride Collection and sponsoring community outreach events that will also raise money for this."



46 supporters

$18,000 goal

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