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The University of California, Davis’ Hindi Film Dance Team, Lashkara, meaning the spark of light, is an intercollegiate competitive dance group that strongly values leadership, responsibility, and excellence both academically and on stage. Through hours of practice and dedication, team members have lifted this team from a simple in-school dance team to an award-winning organization that spreads valuable messages to the global community.  

Topics such as social anxiety disorder and drunk driving are hard to speak about to a large audience. However, through using dance technique and story-telling, Lashkara paints a picture that the audience can relate to. In hopes of raising awareness, Lashkara constantly tests the boundaries of dancing with a message in mind.

For the past two years, Lashkara has won numerous awards at both the state and national levels. We have placed 3rd at nationals for two years in a row in addition to several other competitions such as Bollywood Berkeley 2016 and 2017, Jhoomti Shaam 2017 and 2018, and Tamasha 2016.

In light of these accomplishments, Lashkara would not be able to function without fundraising. Traveling, production, and costumes consume a large part of our budget. Being a self-sufficient team with limited funding from the university, Lashkara is forced to make several compromises when it comes to competition.

Thus, for this holiday season, we are asking for donations to help us excel in spreading our message in the global dance community. No amount is too small and with your help, we hope to take our team to new heights!

Feel free to check out one of our most exciting performances here: 


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