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Nick's Differently Awesome Outreach is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that runs Nick's Shaved Ice Paradise, a food trailer selling shaved ice and other great treats. Nick's currently employs young people who have developmental disabilities such as Down syndrome and autism. These young people could not find, or hold, a job and Nick's provides safe and meaningful jobs for them that pay better than minimum wage.

Nick's is 4 years old. It began its 5th season in mid-April. One thing we learned early on was in order to truly grow and have a long lasting legacy that will benefit more deserving individuals for years to come we would need to get out of our little trailer and get something bigger.

Originally, we wanted to get a brick and mortar but found out quickly that was a dream that would never be realized. We thought a bigger trailer might be the answer but trying to get someone other than the director, who is the only person who takes the trailer to events, meant we would need a truck. More people can take the truck out and that means we can provide more work for our employees. More work would mean that we can finally hire more employees.

In 2020, Bruce Bussell, the executive director of Nick's rode his bicycle 962 miles across Texas and raised enough money to help buy Gus, our new truck.

Now, Gus needs his conversion to be finished and that is not cheap. We need to get it wrapped or, at the very least, have decals put on it.  

You can help Nick's by donating to the cause. The executive director/manager puts in over 50 hours of work each week and is an unpaid volunteer. All of the money donated goes directly to the mission of the nonprofit. Not many nonprofits can make that same claim.

Small amounts, large amounts; they are all so important to us and they all add up.  A great amount of the money raised by Nick's has come from amounts of $20 or less. Your donation is so very important to us. You can send us a check too if you do not want to deal with fees. Givebutter does not charge us a fee but will ask you to leave a tip. If you send a check, that does not apply. Thank you for your help. Your support of our mission means the world to us.

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27 supporters

$5,000 goal

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