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This 50/50 Raffle Will Benefit The Schwartz Family


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50/50 Raffle

Friday 11:43 AM - Saturday 1:30 PM EST

Add to Calendar 2021-02-19 11:43:00 2021-02-27 13:30:00 America/New_York 50/50 Raffle This 50/50 Raffle will benefit the Schwartz family as they will receive 50% of funds raised and the winner will receive the other 50%!

This 50/50 Raffle will benefit the Schwartz family as they will receive 50% of funds raised and the winner will receive the other 50%!


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Our Community Cares, Inc.

EIN: 46-1652259


The Schwartz Family has been helped by Our Community Cares  since their youngest son, Lincoln, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy as a baby.  Lincoln has endured many medical treatments, requires specialized medical equipment, food and nutrition, and therapies, as well as a full-time caregiver.   Mom, Sarah, cannot work as she fulfills this role.  This means they live on Dad and husband, Brian's sole income.

Well, they did.  In June, Brian was diagnosed with Stage V Kidney Disease and continued to work full-time to support their family of six.  In October, he was unable to continue working and required emergency dialysis several times a week in Albany.  This was exhausting physically, mentally, and financially for the whole family.  

In the beginning of February, they were to transition to in-home dialysis to ease the many burdens of treatment outside the home.  They were off to a great start, but the equipment malfunctioned and they were back on the road to Albany yet again.  They have resumed in-home dialysis with fingers crossed.

They recently received a recommendation for two surgeries for Lincoln to correct his hips and spine.  Brian found out that while they have been waiting for months for social security income (there are delays system-wide), his half-pay that they have been getting will run out in just a few weeks.

Half of all the monies raised from this 50/50 raffle will go directly to the Schwartz family to help with their essentials.  You may also donate in addition to purchasing tickets, if you'd like.  Our Community Cares is also sharing an amazon list for the family, and you can drop off useful hygiene products, gift cards for groceries or gas, etc. at the Chatham office on Saturday, February 27th from 11-2.  

All donations made to Our Community Cares, inc are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

Our Community Cares, Inc. was formed by a local group of concerned citizens who have stepped up to help those in need in the past. These have ranged from residents losing their homes to fire, illnesses, tragic accidents and financial hardships. The desire was to create a central organization that responded quickly and effectively to residents in need.

Our community has always come together and collectively responded when the need arose. Our Community Cares, Inc. wishes to continue this response but in a more structured and organized environment to provide a more measured and appropriate response when the need arises.

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Our Community Cares, Inc.

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EIN 46-1652259