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Who We Are...​

Alpine Valley Academy (AVA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) K-12 school that serves families who understand how important it is for students to develop independence at a young age and take responsibility for themselves and their education throughout their developing years. We have families willing to drive over an hour to give their children access to this unique environment. We offer significantly reduced tuition based on financial need to help keep this style of education available to all children. We are the only school in Utah based on the proven Sudbury self-directed learning model, which has been in practice for over 50 years. (See Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA.)

What We Need...​

AVA needs to raise one million dollars by June 1st! We were recently informed that the property we have called home for the past four years is being sold, and we have the opportunity to purchase it if we can raise the money by the June 1st deadline. Please help us stay in this incredible location and support our school in reaching its highest potential. 100% of donations will be used to buy or lease a property where AVA will continue to thrive as the only truly self-directed school in Utah!

Why You Should Help Us....​

Our school is growing, and we're passionate about continuing to provide this freedom-based model of education to students of all socio-economic backgrounds. Your donation will help us facilitate our outstanding students' continued growth and development and allow many new students to attend. It is evident that self-directed learning is the future of education and needs to be more widely available. Coercive forms of education result in many students who don't enjoy learning and are ill-prepared for life after school. The children of Utah (and everywhere) need a viable option. Sitting at desks and being told what to do all day is often detrimental to student confidence, innovation, creativity, and resourcefulness. Utah currently has over 880 public district schools and 174 private schools. We are the only school in Utah - 1 in more than 1000 - that empowers children with freedom and responsibility to fully govern themselves, manage their own time, and thrive in an environment where they are joyful in learning.

AVA is modeled after our own US Constitution, with Executive, Judicial, and Legislative bodies. Each member of the school plays an active role in the school's daily operations. Every school council member (students and staff alike) has an equal vote in the meetings, and all have opportunities to take on leadership roles. There is no hierarchy of subjects; all learning is respected and valued. There are no required tests, grades, or homework. Failure and success are self-assessed, and failure is seen as an opportunity to be persistent or innovative in one’s approach. When failure is seen as a positive step toward planned goals, success can be achieved. Our students motivate themselves, choose to use their time in the most rewarding way for them, and hold each other accountable to keep the community running smoothly.

At AVA, adults don’t coerce, control, take over, or tell students every step they should take. We don't believe that there is only one right answer or one way to learn. At AVA, we support children in becoming independent, highly functioning human beings who are unique individuals and resourceful problem-solvers. The students at AVA are empowered to be their most authentic selves, and they learn what it takes to develop an idea, commit to it, and make it come to life. They are ready to step into the rest of their lives full of vigor and confidence, knowing how to navigate the real world and achieve even their wildest dreams.



4 Supporters

0% of $1,000,000 goal

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