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Asheville Music School strengthens Western NC communities through music education, scholarships and outreach, while sustaining music educators and teaching artists within our vibrant music culture. 


Outfit AMS Sound Lab for generations of musicians to come


To bring music education into the modern era


This GivingTuesday, November 29, 2022, we ask that you or your business please consider donating to Asheville Music School. Though we have accomplished much since our Play It Forward capital campaign was launched, there is still work to be done to have a fully operational school as we envision it, a school featuring opportunities unlike any other in Western North Carolina region. We are so close to making our goal, and with your help, this Giving Tuesday, we will be one step closer!

Phase 1 of construction at our new home at 10 Ridgelawn Rd. was completed in mid-October 2022, including construction of the multi-use studio, and while initial programming has begun for the Sound Lab, there are still several steps to take to outfit the space. AMS will be renovating the new space and launching programming that will not just bolster our community-driven mission of keeping music education accessible to all, but will allow AMS to offer music education in the modern era.

Phase 2 includes the AMS Sound Lab, which will attract students who would love to learn music production but have not felt comfortable with traditional lessons and instruments. These new students will have the opportunity to shine and bring new skills forward to careers or amateur pursuits in the music field.

Yet... our Sound Lab is not yet fully equipped, though we know of many students who are anxious to get in the lab and start creating! 



1. Please consider offering a match for funds.

Are you or your business interested in learning more? Matches ensure that your money will go twice as far! If you would like to offer a match, please email [email protected]

2. Donate any amount to the campaign on Tuesday November 29th 

We are all passionate about creating an opportunity for generations of musicians to share in our new home. We appreciate your support as we make this a reality!

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2 Supporters

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