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Through age-appropriate voice and tone, Afi Health bridges the gap between children and their ailments, encouraging them to engage with their health through informed assent and self-assurance. Developmentally, children are able to make decisions by the age of seven. Here at Afi Health we are giving children educational resources to make informed decisions about their own health at this age! All of our resources are free to the public and therefore accessible to all children!

To see how we bridge this gap, check out our videos, follow this link:

To check out our facebook, which has continual updates on our projects as well as general pediatric advice, follow this link:

Also, check us out on Instagram to get more tips and information about current projects: @afihealth

In the past year....

  • We rebranded, we now have a new name, Afi Health, new characters, and a new look! Check out our website: to see all of the changes!
  • We partnered with Lifelong Medical Care to produce content that is relevant and accessible to their patients
  • We grew both our medical advisory board and our board of directors
  • We continued to produce new content, including Asthma videos, Diabetes videos, and videos all about your Genes!
  • We have co-created 3 new areas of content with various partners to better meet the needs of all patients

If you donate...

$25, you will help us create educational coloring pages

$75, you will help us translate an existing video to Spanish

$200, you will help us disseminate asthma content in a low-income clinic

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40 supporters

$6,500 goal

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