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Like everyone else, artists in the High Country are struggling since COVID-19 has literally shut us all down.  Artists who relied upon revenue from "gigs",  sales of their artwork, etc. suddenly are finding themselves at a standstill.  Artists do not qualify for traditional unemployment, so unless they have some other resource for paying their bills and putting food on the table then they are in dire need. 

Recently Lucas Triba, a local musician, contacted the Watauga County Arts Council with the idea of creating a benefit virtual concert series aimed not only at helping musicians, but artists of all disciplines.  From this idea emerged the concept of Blue Ridge ArtStream - a weekly virtual event showcasing the vast talents of some of our many local artists.  And while we are sharing their talents, you are invited to share back by donating to help local artists who are struggling.  

The High Country is so richly blessed with artists of all descriptions, from the many musicians of all genres to visual artists varying from fine arts to craftsmen, to a varied and talented array of local authors creating everything from poetry to novels to documentaries and even some writing screen plays.  So this concert series will feature a collage of artists, whether it is listening to a musician sharing their own tunes, or watching a painter create a painting from a blank canvas right in front of your eyes, or listening to an author's poetry transporting you to another place and time.   

Each artist is invited to provide their own Venmo link so you can elect to donate directly to that artist, or you may also choose to donate directly to a designated fund to support local artists who apply through the Watauga County Arts Council.  Those designated funds will then be awarded by a panel of representatives of the ArtStream organizing team and representatives of the Watauga County Arts Council.  

Every Saturday evening at 7pm, tune in to the Blue Ridge ArtSpace/Watauga County Arts Council Facebook Page and sit back and enjoy the local talent which lives right here in the Blue Ridge of western North Carolina.   The content will be rich and varied...and family-friendly.   So settle in with the whole family to enjoy some of what makes living in our region so special.  



17 Supporters

2% of $25,000 goal

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