CCGC Steps 2022

Let's get moving this summer and take care of our minds and bodies!


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CCGC Steps 2022

Live Stream

No livestream for this event, but you can participate from anywhere!

An online challenge to improve our collective health while raising money for children's mental health services!


Join us for a virtual step-counting contest that makes a difference! Join in any time as we step our way through the summer, engaging in some healthy competition while we make a difference for the kids receiving mental health and special education services at the Community Child Guidance Clinic in Manchester, CT! 

When, Where, and Who:

  • The contest will start on July 18th, 2022, and end at 11:55 on August 5th. That's 19 days of stepping!
  • Winners will be announced on August 10th
  •  Anyone can compete from anywhere! We can ship swag and prizes to you anywhere in the continental US from our organization in Manchester, CT.

What you need:

  • Important: you will need a smartphone to participate, but everything else is pretty flexible! We will be using the YuMuuv app to compete, which is available for free via the App Store and Google Play, and syncs with Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit, Garmin, Polar, and Suunto devices. 
  • If you don't have one of these types of devices on hand and would like to purchase one, we can also offer suggestions for affordable options (for instance, this one should work with Google Fit). You can also use your phone itself, just download and enable Google Fit or Apple Health to track your steps (and make sure to keep your phone on you during the challenge!).
  • And don't worry, even if you have a different pedometer that doesn't sync automatically, you can still enter your steps manually every day (though we only recommend this as a last resort).

How to participate: 

  • Sign up here by hitting the "Sign Up or Donate!" button in the top right corner. If you are starting or joining a team, be sure to give the (previously agreed-upon) team name during the checkout process. Want to sign up, but prefer to pay via cash or check? Send an email to [email protected]!
  • Important: after check out, keep an eye out for an important confirmation email, which will give you instructions and the password to enter the contest on the YuMuuv app, which is where we'll be tracking our progress. 
  • Starting on July 18th, start stepping it up and work with your team to motivate each other!
  • On August 10th, we'll share an email announcement congratulating our winners, and will put prizes in the mail for any non-local participants.

What's included:

  • All participants will receive a CCGC water bottle and sticker pack (picture below) just for signing up! 
  • Anyone who reaches the individual goal of 19,000 steps over the 19 days will receive a miniature "finisher medal" keychain. 
  • Additional prizes will be awarded to individuals with the most steps overall (first, second, and third place) and teams with the highest steps per person on average (first and second place). These prizes will include gift cards no higher than $50 in value per person, and CCGC "Swag", and the amounts will be contingent on our number of participants. If it is deemed necessary, CCGC may follow up with our winners to verify their step counts prior to awards being given. 
  • Of course, the main way to "win" is by signing up and helping to raise funds for the kids at CCGC!

About CCGC

Community Child Guidance Clinic, Inc. is a private, nonprofit, special education and mental health agency offering diagnostic, treatment, and consultation services to children 0-18 and their families. CCGC has worked to provide quality care for children suffering from mental and behavioral health concerns for over 60 years, and its mission states: “Our mission is to assist and support children with emotional and behavioral issues by providing a special education day school and a system of child and family-focused mental health services.” The agency fulfills this mission by providing an array of services for children including outpatient counseling, in-home services, an intensive outpatient program, therapeutic groups, Victims of Crime Assistance Services (VOCA), and a clinical day school. CCGC makes these services available to all children living in central Connecticut and offers vital opportunities for treatment, healing, and growth in a location that is accessible to families. The agency currently serves over 35 towns throughout Connecticut, and over 700 children each year.

CCGC originally opened its doors in 1959, with the mission of providing mental health services to families in Manchester and surrounding towns who would have otherwise needed to travel a significant distance when seeking care. CCGC’s small staff originally only provided outpatient counseling and psychiatric services, but later the agency grew to include a preschool and sexual abuse treatment team. These added programs represent the beginning of an ongoing commitment at CCGC to provide services that are relevant to the current needs of the community and which utilize the most contemporary practices in the field. Today, CCGC continues this tradition with the more recent additions of multiple Evidence-Based Practices, including Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Attachment, Regulation, and Competency (ARC), and Modular Approach to Therapy for Children (MATCH).

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14 Supporters

22% of $2,000 goal

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