KCF Champions: Karolina Zavisiute

I am proud to be a KCF Champion for Children's Home & Aid this year. This great organization partners with children, youth, and families to create hope, opportunity and bright futures.


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Karolina Zavisiute

I hope that my running and pushing through challenging events can inspire young people to never stop climbing their mountains. Our childhood trauma does not have to define our success. We have to pick our mountains and just keep on moving forward. There is always a way, and you will find your way to reach the top, just know that you are strong enough to climb your mountain. Children's Home & Aid helps and leads young children toward a brighter future because strong families means stronger, thriving communities.

My goal for 2022 is $5,000.  I am thrilled to be a 2022 Champion for Children's Home & Aid.  I have one life to give and I am here to make a change!  With your donations, you will be investing in a brighter future for our children, youth, and families - starting today.

2022 Personal Summits

  1. Berryman 50-mile race – Missouri on 5/21/2022
  2. Ouray 100-mile Endurance Run – Colorado on 7/22/2022
  3. Plain 100-mile race - Washington on 9/17/2022

My Inspiration


Children’s Home & Aid is a leading child and family service agency in Illinois. We help children recover their health, their hope, and their faith in the people around them.

For 138 years, we have shown up for Illinois families. We are in the places where it’s proven to be the most effective: at home, in the classroom, and in the community. We are an agency that puts families at the center of every decision and believe that communities where we all work, play and live together can be strengthened through data-informed, collaborative and preventative solutions. Our offices are located across Illinois and serve nearly 30,000 children and families each year in over 65 counties, linking them to a network of resources.

Our services include child welfare, counseling and treatment programs to parenting supports, childcare and early education. These services are individualized supports designed to address racism, equity, economic mobility and other potential barriers. Our focus is on the family, therefore our programs are designed to put their needs first so that they, and their communities, thrive.

100% of donations go to Children's Home & Aid!


Keep Climbing Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves children and U.S. Veterans by hosting fundraising mountain climbs for various charities year-round. Our mission is to help both our climbers and our beneficiaries reach their personal summits by supporting them as they overcome life’s obstacles.

This tradition started in 2015 when The Home Loan Expert took a team to Mt. Rainier for the inaugural Climb for the Kids. Now, Keep Climbing Foundation continues this mission to help inspire others to #KeepClimbing!

And thanks to the generous support of The Home Loan Expert, Hero Loan, and our other corporate sponsors, 100% of our donations go directly to the charities we support.

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7 supporters

$5,000 goal

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Keep Climbing Foundation

A 501(c)(3) organization

EIN 86-1945024