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Riley is running 5km every day to raise money for cancer research

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Curre 5k

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Curre 5k


Curre is the Latin word for “Run.”

While running the annual Hit the Bricks Run-a-Thon at Wake Forest University, I thought to myself there must be more I can do.  Don't get me wrong, one day fundraisers are amazing, but only have a span of 1 day.  I spent some time reflecting on different possibilities and landed on the idea of a multi-day Run-a-Thon.  I committed to running 5 kilometers every day for 100+ days. There will be no days off, no excuses, rain or shine, hot or cold, I will complete the 5k.  Why?  I was inspired by the fact that cancer takes no days off.  You can’t be busy and put off cancer.  You can’t be too tired on a certain day and take a rest day. You have to fight and grind and struggle and keep grinding.  I am doing this not to compare a measly 5 km to the struggle of cancer, but to highlight the grit and perseverance that those with cancer have and how hard the fight against cancer is.

I am excited to take on this journey.  I am asking that, if you are able, you would support me and this endeavor.  Whether it be an encouragement, coming out and running with me, or most helpfully through a donation of an amount you can afford, I will be incredibly grateful

Curre does not mean "to run."   It does not translate to “I run."   Curre means “Run!”  It's a command.  So here I go...

If you'd like to run with me, click here to see the schedule:

To see daily updates, check out my Instagram page:


Sami Rodia made a donation

4 weeks ago


Love this idea! Hope you get better soon!

Cassie Raymond made a donation

4 weeks ago


you did amazing! so proud of you get better soon

Jen Ryan Perry made a donation

4 weeks ago


I couldn’t be more proud of you and your selfless efforts to run for this great cause.

Jess Schmidt made a donation

4 weeks ago


such a cool idea- so proud of you!

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