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One of A Kind Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization founded in November 2005 and is funded by private donations. The organization is dedicated to saving animal lives, rescuing pets in imminent danger of euthanasia, spaying/neutering and adoption of homeless animals into appropriate, loving homes. Each year for the past three years, we have rescued, healed, and rehomed over 4,000 companion animals. Our spay and neuter clinic has performed over 155,000 surgeries since opening to the community in 2006 and we are not stopping there!

We are a no-time-limit shelter, and no adoptable animal is euthanized. Many of our animals come from Animal Control Facilities (the pound) just prior to their scheduled euthanasia. Sick or injured animals brought to us by Good Samaritans are often given priority. Owner surrenders and strays are accepted when space is available.

One of A Kind Pet Rescue is committed to saving pets whose lives are in imminent danger of euthanasia. Examples include animals picked up by local government officials, the cats of an elderly person entering a nursing home and the emaciated, stray dog roaming the streets. Our medical professionals, and team of caring, compassionate employees and volunteers can achieve amazing rescue efforts such as pulling over 100 cats and kittens from a high-intake shelter in southern Ohio on August 18th. When the floods hit Kentucky the end of July, we pulled 63 dogs and puppies from their shelters to make room for the displaced pets coming in. In the spring we rescued five puppies with horrific mange and nursed them back to health and into loving homes.

OUR MISSION To save the lives of animals in imminent danger of euthanasia and enrich the lives of people through rescue, spaying/neutering, adoption, and advocacy on behalf of homeless pets.

OUR VISION A “no kill” community where all pets have loving homes.




122 Supporters

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