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Embrace Iowa is a joint project between the Iowa Community Action Association (501c3) and the Des Moines Register. The Des Moines Register takes a leadership role in sharing the real life stories of Iowans who are struggling to meet their most basic needs and educates the people of Iowa about the barriers and struggles the families are facing.
Poverty is a complex issue, but through Embrace Iowa, the Des Moines Register helps explain the difficulties some families face in their efforts to improve their lives. With the knowledge Iowans have gained through Embrace Iowa, they respond with a generous spirit by financially supporting Embrace Iowa.
Embrace Iowa funds are valuable to the families who receive them as the funds can be used to fill gaps that oftentimes go unmet. The flexibility of Embrace Iowa funds allows families to receive some assistance with a onetime gift and enables the families to get through a crisis and then move onto something better in their lives. The administration costs to operate Embrace Iowa are paid for by the local agencies and the Des Moines Register.
Funds are distributed to the 16 local Community Action Agencies serving all 99 counties. Once families are selected, a check is issued to the business that will provide the requested product or service. Last year, $411,000 was donated to this project and assisted families with car repairs, rental assistance, utility assistance, beds, and more. Contributions are tax deductible and 100% of donations go directly to help families.
Your donation will impact the lives of Iowans. Thank you for donating to this truly remarkable program. Online contributions are subject to a service fee. Donations may also be mailed to: Embrace Iowa, P.O. Box #41608, Des Moines, IA 50311. Your donations are tax deductible.



3 Supporters

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