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Esusu Emergency Rent Support Fund

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As a result of COVID-19, millions of Americans won’t be able to make their rent payments during the coming months. Help Esusu keep a roof over their heads.

Esusu is a financial technology platform helping individuals save money and build credit. We work directly with renters nationwide to report rental payment data into the credit bureaus. Our network of coverage extends to over 200,000 renters. We are seeing that 65% of our renters will not be able to make their monthly obligations in April and May.

In response, we are launching the first rapid-response emergency rental assistance fund for renters. Please help us reach our crowdfunding goal of $25,000 and achieve our mission of helping keep renters in their homes. 

Renters on average have 44x LESS wealth than homeowners. They are disproportionately hourly workers and reside in urban areas. Renters are directly and significantly impacted by coronavirus. Many renters reside in urban areas with greater health risks associated with the coronavirus. At a time when Americans are supposed to stay at home - we want to make sure they have a home to go to. 

A staggering 6.6 million jobless claims were reported on April 9th, 2020, bringing jobless claims to roughly 16 million. This is just the start of the devastating economic impact this nation is facing. 

Please note that all campaign contributions are tax-deductible. Every dollar counts and all contributions are appreciated. 



192 supporters

$25,000 goal

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Esusu Emergency Rent Support Fund

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EIN 83-2693661