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Support, Advocacy, Safety. These are the priorities of the work done at Family Crisis Resource Center in Cumberland, MD. Our mission is to assist victims and survivors of intimate partner violence, rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, child abuse, and stalking and to reduce these crimes in our community.

In 2021, we are reaching out to our community to join in our work with a donation of $21.00. We want to challenge 2021 people to donate $21.00 in 2021 to help FCRC meet the shelter's needs, the people it serves, and the lives it changes.

For $21…

A teenage victim of dating violence will be provided crisis intervention and assistance with a Peace Order.

A woman and her children fleeing from an unsafe home will be given trauma-informed support while staying in the safe house.

A man recently raped can attend a counseling session and begin to heal.

A child will be able to enjoy a visit with a non-custodial parent in a safe setting.

An adult seeking a non-abusive way of life can attend an Abuse Intervention Program group.

A woman recently raped will have an advocate with her through the emergency room rape kit process.

A family in shelter will have immediate access to food, laundry supplies, clothing, and anything else they might need to ease the transition into safety.

Can we count on you to be a partner in the work of FCRC?

Find out more about FCRC by visiting the FCRC website or our Facebook page.

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20 supporters

$42,000 goal

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