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Fight for Freedom | 11.20.21 | To support The Weekly Fight

The Weekly Fight is a registered 501-c3 non-profit company dedicated to turning Combat Post Traumatic Stress into Post Traumatic Growth. Through weekly meetings, workouts, seminars, and community events they are creating a supportive, prevention-oriented community for Veterans and Veteran Family Members. The Weekly Fight hosts free workouts for Veterans, first responders and their families every week across multiple gyms in PA, VA and DE. For more information on The Weekly Fight, go to

Fight for Freedom 2021 is a team competition created to raise funds and awareness to support The Weekly Fight. The competition debuted in 2019 and raised over $8,000 for TWF which was used for scholarships and to support families impacted by PTSD.

Each team that signs up for the competition will earn 8% of their leaderboard ranking via fundraising! That means your team's fundraising total will be ranked and contribute to your final place on the Fight for Freedom leaderboard!

NOTE: when creating your fundraising team please have the team name match exactly! This will allow us to ensure your team gets credit.

Fundraising totals will be cut off the morning of the competition at 10 AM. At 10 AM a screenshot of the fundraising leaderboard will be taken and used for scoring purposes. DO NOT WAIT until the last minute, it is possible that delays in processing a donation won't hit until after the 10 am deadline... don't risk it. Get the donations in early and often!




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283 supporters

$25,000 goal

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Fight for Freedom Competition - to benefit The Weekly Fight