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Caitlyn's Story

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of Habitat for Humanity for close to six years. It is such a privilege to get to be a part of people's lives during a time when they are going through the huge, life-altering undertaking to build and buy a home. I really can't overstate the impact of moving from substandard rental housing into a safe, quality, stable, and affordable home that you own. How lucky I am to get to work with such wonderful families as they do this and to share in the joy of their accomplishments! 

The story of the Guilford High School partnership is below-- it is an innovative, inspiring, mutually-beneficial collaboration that helps Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity move an additional family into owner-occupied housing each year, while also helping Guilford High School construction trades students get hands-on, career-oriented experience in the field. 

This year's Guilford house was about three-quarters done when COVID-19 abruptly ended the in-person school year and shut the project down. We are committed to doing whatever it takes now to finish the house so that the incredible woman who has been helping to build it alongside the students can become a homeowner and move in with her four beautiful kids. 

If you feel compelled to help us in this effort, I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart! 

Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity's Story

In early 2016 Rockford Area Habitat for Humanity formed a partnership with Guilford High School's Construction Trades faculty and students to do something life changing - build a home for a family in need all while teaching students home construction - from beginning to end. 

The partnership was a win - win; students got to work on a project that prepared them made them career ready and Habitat got the chance to serve another family in need.  

It started with Latara and her family, and over the years Guilford High School students have built homes for Kayla and Justin's family, Salih and Dalal's family, Reshonda and her family and this year they were in the process of building Candi's home...and then Covid hit.  

The house went from 40 students a day to no one overnight.  The walls were in need of their final coat, the floors still need to be laid, the kitchen cabinets needed to be set and after all those things were complete...a family needed to start their new life in their new home.  

Instead, the home sits empty, waiting for volunteers to finish it so that Candi and her family can have a safe, affordable home to call their own.  

We can't let Candi down.  We need to ensure we can finish her home.  We owe her the peace of mind that homeownership brings, and a neighborhood that is safe for her kids to play in.   

Please help us - we need to raise $25,000 to finish Candi's home and we can't do that alone.  Please consider making a donation so that through shelter we can empower Candi and her family.


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