HistoryThon: A Walkathon to Support Education About African American History

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Pave the way to understanding

October 2 - November 14, 2021

Primary Source created HistoryThon so that together we can advance the learning that our society needs to make progress on racial justice. Joining HistoryThon provides knowledge and understanding about African American history, enabling a more nuanced appreciation of its central place in U.S. history and facilitating conversations about race and social justice.

These conversations need to begin in classrooms with teachers who have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to teach African American history. However, teachers need to trust that their learning and resources are accurate and culturally- and grade-level appropriate. HistoryThon does just that, raising much needed funds to support Primary Source in creating African American history programming and curricula for teachers and their students, including the Making Freedom Digital Curriculum project.

Primary Source is teachers’ trusted resource—they need us and so we need you. And while you are participating in HistoryThon and supporting Primary Source, you will be learning and expanding your awareness while having a fun and active experience.

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Letter from the African American Trail Project co-directors

HistoryThon is a walkathon, on your own schedule, to explore African American history and to advance Primary Source’s essential work that supports educators in teaching accurately and inclusively about U.S. history.

You can help pave the way to understanding!

We are incredibly grateful to our generous HistoryThon sponsors:

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