Il Davide and Saylor's Staff Fundraiser

Help Support The Staff of Il Davide in San Rafael & Saylor's Restaurant and Bar in Sausalito


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This was a live event streamed Sunday night 12.27.2020 

Il Davide and Saylor's as an establishment, and their owners are huge pillars of our communities. Both restaurants have given so much of their time, and meals, and donated to so many non profits and organizations in the community. Their employees have been with them for years! They are doing everything possible to keep their staff employed, with the ever changing conditions of the Covid-19 state in California. They are asking for the community to help supports its own. This fundraiser's purpose is to assist in keeping their employees paid.

You can also text to give!

text Delicious to 202.858.1233

Thank you so much to our sponsors for your help to make this possible, and for your generosity toward our amazing staff!

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151 supporters

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