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We're raising money to support Baseball United's youth baseball programs in Ireland! 

Bringing Baseball to Schools in Northern Ireland

Last year, we launched the first in-school baseball program in Northern Ireland. From April to October, over 1700 boys and girls played baseball during their physical education classes!

During the summer, we helped launch a baseball camp program. Click the video below to see how the kids enjoyed learning about baseball!

This year, our program will expand to bring the game to more children in more areas in Northern Ireland.

Partnership with GAA Rounders

As our program in Northern Ireland expands, we are launching an innovative partnership with the GAA Rounders club in Adamstown, County Wexford. The program will teach basic hitting, throwing, and fielding techniques to children who want to learn how to play rounders and baseball.

About the Baseball United Foundation

Baseball United works to help these teams, leagues, and organizations, by sharing resources, experience, and best practices, so more children can play baseball.



23 Supporters

35% of $5,000 goal

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