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Leith's Story

To my Friends and family, who are often one and the same, I’m asking you to support of my beloved arts center. My relationship with Columbia Center for the Arts goes way back to 2004 when I supported its initial capital campaign. Since its opening I have attended a multitude of performances, lectures, art openings and community events. I have art in my home from the gallery. I have sat on 2 committees, performed in plays in the theatre and, as of almost a year ago, I am now CCA’s Executive Director. My loyalty and gratitude for this arts center runs deep. I can’t imagine the diverse communities in the Gorge without an accessible space for creative expression. CCA’s talented new staff and I were just launching our vision for the center when all our lives changed and we had to close our doors. We are adapting quickly. Our gallery is open again with monthly exhibits with artwork available online; we are producing on line art classes for all ages, and our currently dark theatre is home to random acts of intimate "Spotlight" performances that are populating our YouTube channel.

We are determined to come back strong when it is safe to gather again. This is where you come in. YOU have the power to ensure CCA continues to provide The Gorge with theatre, music, dance, lectures, film, art shows and arts classes. Your support will help us weather this crisis and make our plans a reality. Please donate now. In return I promise to send you a postcard that will make you laugh (or at least smile), once a month for the next year.

Columbia Center for the Arts's Story

Our story begins with community, and connection with art. The arts have the power to ignite the imagination and transform how we see the world.  It calls us together for shared creative experiences.

As the Gorge grows and changes our community’s need for an arts center only gets stronger. When we open again at full capacity Columbia Center for the Arts has big plans as an innovative arts hub with mind blowing lectures and new voices, diverse theatre performances, more music and dance, new artistic collaborations, creative online classes...anything is possible - that is the beauty of a community art space

But we can’t do it without your help, now more than ever. The unexpected challenges we all face have put CCAs existence at risk.

What would you lose without a community arts center? 

- A professional theatre to showcase local performers and bring big-city acts to downtown Hood River
- A light-filled gallery space for artists to show their work, often for the very first time
- Arts classes that encourage young and… older to grow as an artist or become one
- Opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself
- A gathering place to celebrate where we live

Last year CCA held over 30 visual art exhibits, produced over 100 live events and performances, and over 80 arts education experiences, 1/2 of which were free.

We can’t imagine our community without CCA, and hope you feel the same way. 

It’s a fact that community art spaces improve social connection and engagement, remove age and socioeconomic barriers and help sustain the local economy. Let’s not lose that.

YOU have the power to keep this arts center in our community. Your support will help us weather this crisis and make our plans a reality. 

Help us stay strong so we can hold you up with the power of the arts!


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Continue to build to programs and events in our community. Keep up the good work!

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CCA is my most favorite gallery in Hood River, everytime I'm in the area, stopping by is a number one priority!

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Great Job Team..:-)

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Happy to support the mission of CCA! I am always amazed and inspired by the talent in our Gorge community! Thank you artists and performers - so grateful for you all!!!

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