Help get farmworkers and seniors to their Covid-19 Vaccines and other essential services!



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The LEAP Institute (LEAP) is a culturally conscious institution that effectively understands the critical needs of Latino and farmworker families in the San Joaquin Valley. For the past 2 years, our hallmark program, Green Raiteros, has successfully served priority populations to access quality health care as well as social and other services utilizing electric vehicles (EV) for rural ridesharing to provide critical connectivity.

The electric vehicle rural ride-sharing program is preparing for the large demand of need to connect to all the essential services for farmworkers and seniors including covid-19 TESTING, VACCINATIONS, non-emergency medical, social services and mental health appointments as well as emergency food delivery during quarantine.  Let's get the people to the places for public health!

Work we have done already (without support):

• Distributed food to over 3000 farmworker families

• Distributed over 40,000 masks, 4000 sanitizers to farmworkers directly and via labor contractors, ranchers, and farmers.

• Christmas Caroling and hot meals for seniors on Christmas Eve. 27 seniors benefited. COVID-19 Protocols in place: Masks, Social Distancing and Sanitizer.

• Dia de los Reyes toy drive on January 5th, 2021. Provided over 300 children with toys, books, crayons; 30 families with boxes of food and frozen poultry; 30 families with boxes of pampers. COVID-19 Protocols in place: Masks, Social Distancing and Sanitizer.

We need support to grow capacity, activate our PromotorXs VERDES (Voice Education Responsibility Dignity Empowerment Sustainability), and EV GRIT (Electric Vehicle Green Raiteros Independence Transportation) fleet!

A. Rides to Medical Appointments: door to door access, comfortably, safely and on time.

Quality Health Care Access: Healthy Family & Communities.

B. Delivery of Emergency Essentials: groceries, goods, pharmaceuticals, and PPE.

Quality Food Access: nutrition for recovery and health, medicine, masks, sanitizer, disinfectants, etc.

C. Ride to Employment Development & Social Service Appointments: economic advancement, familial financial stability for community economy enhancement, and trauma family counseling or other resources of family health need.

D. Awareness Creation: on COVID-19 precautionary behaviors and COVID-19 vaccinations. Our team of Promotoras VERDES (Voice, Education, Responsibility, Dignity, Empowerment and Sustainability), Health promoters that are capacitated to inform on environmental and climate justice as well, have been effective in supporting this type of work before. Work has encompassed the surrounding communities that has included participatory action research, tabling, door to door informational campaigns and one on one engagements with farmworkers and casual informational platicas with families. As a result, we have a database of over hundreds of families that know and trust our work, and a Resource Guide for families to rely on, with key addresses and phone numbers for medical care, social services, community-based organizations and government offices.

Social Support: access and assistance to apply to cares act resources and other funding support to assist in payment of utilities, rent, mortgage or other support when it is available, and client qualifies.

PromotorX VERDES COVID-19 Resource Guide: Pamphlet with county information to essential public and private resources



1 supporters

$50,000 goal

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The LEAP Institute

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EIN 82-3403967