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Every time we turn on the news, it feels as though there's always something new to be worried about. Some of us may feel helpless, like we are unable to individually make a difference. A lot of us will never be able to fully understand what it is like to grow up in a world that doesn't accept us or provide us with equal opportunities. Yes, we may not understand this feeling, but that does not mean we cannot stand with those who do. We recognize that some communities are not as fortunate as us to be able to fund a graduation as special as ours. Yes, we are so beyond thankful for the immense amount of work and time that went into planning our Drive-In graduation, but it didn't feel right to turn our backs on those who aren't provided with the proper funds to do the same. Graduation is a day to celebrate our accomplishments, but it is also a day to recognize the strength and resilience of our class. The Class of 2020 is a different breed; we are the change that our society needs. This being said, a few of us came together and decided that we wanted to find a way to give back to the oppressed and struggling individuals/communities in our society. We had our fellow classmates vote on 3 organizations that they feel society would benefit most from our help. These organizations are aimed at helping those who have been affected by social injustice, racism, and the coronavirus. We ask that you donate as much as you can and share this page with your friends and family. 

The 3 organizations that the money will go towards are: 

  1. Integrate NYC ( a youth-led organization that stands for integration and equity in New York City schools) https://www.integratenyc.org
  2. Roar NY (a foundation that supports restaurant workers who have been financially impacted by Covid-19)  https://www.roarnewyork.org/about
  3. Westchester Institute of Human Development (Child Welfare Services) (a local non-profit organization that provides support and clinical services to at-risk families as well as children in foster care throughout Westchester County) https://www.wihd.org

(if you would like, you can specify which organization you would like your money to go towards when you make your donation. Otherwise, the money will be split equally)

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75 supporters

$5,000 goal

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