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Kippy's Story

We met Kippy’s Mom, Sherryann, several years ago when Sherryann was unemployed and her family pit

bull, Dutchess, was suffering from fleas and food allergies. The dog was devoted to this single Mom’s

adult daughter who has severe developmental disabilities.  It was important that Dutchess be helped so

she could continue her mission of guarding the daughter’s wheelchair and bed and being that girl’s all-

around BFF.  In spite of her own limited resources, Sherryann was very responsive and cooperative with

our recommendations and over time, she became an enthusiastic ambassador for The Animal Support

Project in her Troy neighborhood.  We met more than a few of her neighbors who also had difficulty with

medical issues for their pets that they just couldn’t afford to solve.  Each time, we worked through the

problems with them to a successful resolution and each time, Sherryann was there to help.

Once TASP makes a friend, we more often than not remain connected.  And that’s how it’s been with

Sherryann and her family.  This lady has had a very tough life and she never was able to finish high

school; so she works at jobs that don’t always last long, offering little to no benefits and low wages.  But

somehow, Sherryann keeps smiling and keeps trying to give the best she can afford to her family, which

includes Dutchess and Kippy.

Earlier this year Sherryann contacted us to ask for help with Kippy, the 6 year old spayed female family

cat. Something was wrong with Kippy’s head; it had swelled up under the ear and jaw……an abscess

from a bad tooth. Sherryann couldn’t afford a vet visit.  Her son and daughter-in-law had moved in with

their little girl, Sherryann was between jobs and funds for the household were so tight they were barely

making it from month to month.   We tried treating Kippy with Epsom salts packs and were able to get

the abscess to drain, but it returned a couple of months later.  It was time to get a vet involved.

TASP Volunteer, Lucinda Collins, transported Kippy to Borador Animal Hospital, where antibiotics were

prescribed and an estimate for a dental was established.

The surgery estimate ranges from $528.50 to $963.85.  Normally, TASP would be able to pay for this

surgery without asking for help.  But this year, COVID 19 has indefinitely postponed all our major fund

raising activities since March.  We have been carefully managing our existing funds but even so, we will

need help to get this critical surgery done for Kippy.

Crowd funding is being sought to raise the necessary funds.  Any funds we raise past the cost of the

surgery will be donated to Sherryann’s pets’ care going forward. The surgery is scheduled for September



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Heard about you guys from TASP! Hope this helps!

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Wishing sweet Kippy a successful surgery and a speedy recovery!

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Best wishes for your surgery and recovery!

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