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Emma's Story

We learned to make floral arrangements at our meeting this week ... thanks to a Camp Fire alumni and her awesome friend who has awesome skills!

This is my seventh year of Camp Fire!  No matter what other extracurricular activities I do, I will never give up Camp Fire!  I have made the best of friends and have learned so many things!  I love summer camp, sleepovers, Spook Out, and the activities at our meetings!  

Please consider donating to my favorite community program that gives back to our community!

Camp Fire Tesuya's Story

Our council, Tesuya, has been helping the kids of Johnson County, Texas find their sparks since 1937.  Our club program provides kids a safe space to find their passion in life, learn, and grow.  Kids pre-k through twelve grade become members of groups within our council.  Every year we attend spookout and summer camp, as well as community outreach projects, and so much more.  Your donations is what helps make this all possible.  


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So excited to see you in Camp Fire!!

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Caroline, I love you and am so glad to share the camp fire experience with you! Wohelo

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