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Greetings and thank you so much for visiting our campaign page! We are asking for your support to help us pivot our company’s direction. We’re elated to tell you about what we’re doing at Namesake Real Estate.

Pivoting on purpose!

Namesake Real Estate was established in 2020. During the pandemic, while many were closing their doors, we decided to open ours. Our initial mission was to help homeowners sell their property who weren’t able to do so using traditional means. However, during my time at Joseph Business School, the focus and mission of our company began to shift. Yes, we still offer homeowners solutions for selling their property, but our mission has become much bigger than that. We noticed how neighborhoods that were overrun with vacant and blighted properties had higher incidents of crime. The communities also experienced a decrease in home values and heightened health and safety risks. These properties had become a burden on the local government and neighboring residents. With this knowledge, we decided to focus our efforts on communities that are declining and in need of revitalization. Our goal is to eradicate blight and create a place for families to thrive.

Help us make a difference

When you donate to this campaign, you help support our mission to:

  • Provide relief to distressed property owners
  • Increase neighborhood safety
  • Provide an economic boost to communities through revitalization
  • Making a positive impact in the communities we serve
  • Eradicate blight

Putting funds to work

Funds will be used to help cover operational costs and software needed to provide our clients with the solutions they need. Since our company intends to go to our clients rather than wait for them to come to us, we will also use funds to deploy various outreach marketing strategies. Activities include surveyance of local neighborhoods, connecting with distressed property owners, establishing relationships with local organizations, and building partnerships with individual and corporate investors.

How can you help?

GIVE- Every dollar helps propel us forward in carrying out our mission

SHARE- sharing this campaign with your family, friends, and colleagues will be vital in helping us reach our goal.

We thank you so much for your donations and support!

With sincere gratitude,




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