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  • More than 30% of births in the US are considered traumatic - either physically or mentally, often both. 
  • One in 4 families will experience miscarriage one or more times. 
  • One in 5 birthing people will experience a perinatal mood disorder during pregnancy or in the postpartum period, or both (acute situational anxiety, depression, OCD, rage and more). This number jumps to 1 in 3 when considering Black American and Indigenous birthing people. One in 10 of fathers and partners will also be inflicted. 
  • All of these numbers are considered underreported and pre-Covid, which has exacerbated most of these issues.

There is ample evidence correlating the lifelong impact of these challenges, when not supported, on not only the birthing person's emotional wellbeing, but also on optimal brain development in the infant and the health of family relationships.  

Today, despite these growing statistics, traditional obstetrics and institutional healthcare remain largely untrained in perinatal mental health and ill-equipped to manage it as an issue or through staffing. Societally, shame and inadequacy are our first reactions to perinatal struggle, rather than feeling deserving of a village of support and concern during one of life's most overwhelming, challenging and expensive seasons.

The wellbeing of the primary caregiver is a vitally significant factor in healthy infant social/emotional and learning development with lifelong implications. Families, especially birthing people, are not meant to give life and raise another human alone, but rather in a village (we are quite literally biologically hard-wired to). 

Mind Body Baby works to be that village for anyone who needs it. 

I want to give.


29 supporters

$3,000 goal

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