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My story with Minds Matter of Los Angeles (MMLA) began in December 2020 when I had a serendipitous networking call with Jon Levine via the Lunchclub app. Jon and I both went to Harvard-Westlake and UCLA MBA so we had a lot in common. At the end of the meeting, he told me about Minds Matter (Jon is Co-Founder and on the Board of MMLA) and I was very intrigued and excited. I have been giving back my whole life in many different ways but never through a specific organization over a long period of time. There are a lot of great nonprofits but none had really resonated with me until hearing about MMLA. And the fact that MMLA was expanding to Orange County where I live was a sign that the moons were aligned so I jumped at the opportunity to join the Board in April 2021. I have come to know some amazing human beings through this journey and witnessing the virtual College Signing Day was a very emotional moment to see the volunteers/mentors and the students share their stories and journeys. Lots of tears were shed. These kids may not have had the dream of going to a top tier 4-year college before Minds Matter but through the Minds Matter platform and community, they gain the tools, resources, support and confidence to eventually go to a great 4-year college and change the trajectory of their lives.

So to kick off this giving season, I am looking to raise $5,000 by 12/31/21 and will be matching the first $2,500. Moreover, The All Ways Up Foundation will match up to $25,000 in donations for Team MMLA. There are more details below and you can go to https://mindsmatterla.org/ to learn more about the organization, the impact that we make and how to get involved.

Examples of How Your Thoughtful Donation is Being Spent:
$25 Covers the monthly cost of a student’s lunch
$50 Pays for summer program application fees
$100 Pays for SAT preparation textbooks
$250 Pays for a student’s summer program stipend
$500 Helps offset the cost for airfare and transportation to a summer program


At Minds Matter Los Angeles, we believe in the potential and power in all of us. That’s why we commit to long-term relationships with students, cultivating a community of diverse volunteers, professionals, and educators that feels like family - one that meets our students with unwavering support and guidance to embrace their whole selves and unlock their full potential. Together, we spark the greatness inside each and every one of our students and give them the space to thrive.

This holiday season, help us ignite the potential of students from low-income, undervalued communities to pursue their dreams, achieve a college education, and become tomorrow’s empowered leaders. Our rigorous, holistic program of tutoring, mentoring, social-emotional learning, leadership, and life skills creates the foundation for success. We dream big about creating a better, more equitable world and hold ourselves accountable to make it happen for our students, each other, and society.

Donate to Minds Matter of Los Angeles from now until December 31st, and The All Ways Up Foundation will match your (and your company matching) contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000, doubling your impact.

We’re all in for our students. Join us!

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Every year, All Ways Up awards grants to non-profit organizations that are providing college access/success support to low-income, primarily first-generation students. We invite a group of our grantees to participate in this campaign and we match the funds raised by each organization (up to a specified amount). Please click through each team and if you can't decide which one to support, donate to All Ways Up and we will divide your donation equally amongst each organization. Thank you for supporting our community partners :)



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