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Minds Matter has helped countless low-income high school students over the years by giving them the tools they need to successfully apply and attend institutes of higher learning across the country. Each week as volunteers we work together to attempt to correct (in some small way) the systematic imbalance that plagues higher education access for low income students in the United States. By supporting these bright and ambitious students in their quest to attend college (many as first generation Americans), we can make a direct impact on individuals' lives and that of their families and communities.

I have been a co-mentor in support of a now-senior, Vianney, for three years. She is on the verge of a bright new chapter in her life: COLLEGE. For the past few months she has been working diligently on her applications while also keeping up with a challenging school schedule, taking numerous AP classes and navigating the ever-shifting world of COVID-19 and its effects the education system.

Vianney plans to study medicine and/or psychology and she is applying to schools as far away as Johns Hopkins and as close by as UC San Diego. 

I can assure you that your donation to this fundraiser makes a positive and direct impact on Vianney and many others like her. These students have persevered despite unforeseeable and unbelievable challenges the world has thrown their way -- they deserve every ounce of respect and support that can be given. Please donate what you can -- anything makes a real and lasting impact.

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Every year, All Ways Up awards grants to non-profit organizations that are providing college access/success support to low-income, primarily first-generation students. We invite a group of our grantees to participate in this campaign and we match the funds raised by each organization (up to a specified amount). Please click through each team and if you can't decide which one to support, donate to All Ways Up and we will divide your donation equally amongst each organization. Thank you for supporting our community partners :)



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