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Aslan Youth Ministries was born during the turbulent, late sixties. When Lynn Ann and I first arrived in New Jersey in 1971, there was a burned out ice cream store still barely standing on Shrewsbury Avenue – the results of violence from only a few years before. Ever since Aslan was founded in 1975 we’ve been preaching the same message: “Faith, hope & love abide. And the greatest of these is love.”

After almost a half century of loving and encouraging urban, at-risk children, Aslan stands at the forefront, leading the field in showing the lives of black children & families truly do matter. We’re not a movement. The thousands of young people who’ve come through our doors and the hundreds and hundreds of families we’ve helped are living proof of God’s love in action. Through our mission, people of all races are brought together and Aslan is the embodiment of racial reconciliation. We strive each day to open people’s eyes to see all God has accomplished through Aslan.

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In memory of Ed Swikart

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3 days ago


Warm wishes to you all at Aslan. I cherish the memories of my days being with you as a volunteer.

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