Montclair High School Girls Soccer 2019 Fundraiser

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Montclair High School Girls Soccer

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The MHS Girls Soccer Booster Club is a non profit, tax exempt organization whose goal is to support all of our players, coaches, teams, and parents. We help out with team photography and video, the season end banquet, trophies, senior and coach gifts, special equipment, uniform extras and other program expenses not covered by the school district. Some of the things we would like to do if we can get on a sound financial footing include enhanced video services, specialized training and team building programs, and outreach programs to support youth soccer, especially among young girls throughout our diverse community.

Most importantly, our goal is to support the development of our female athletes not only as skillful soccer players, but as strong community-minded leaders. Through the shared struggle on the field, they can develop the physical, mental, and social well-being to help them succeed throughout their lives. 

Abby Wambach once said “I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” We ask for your support so that together we can provide that pass and these athletes can reach their goals.


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