Saree Run/Walk 2022 (1K/3K)

March 27, 2022 at Doylestown Central Park -Brought to you by Desis of Doylestown and Arva Yoga


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Vai Haridas (to honor my grandma and celebrate her 90th!)


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What's my why?
My maternal grandmother, who I call Mothi aai,  turned 90 on Feb 18, 2022. That's her in my profile picture and this fundraiser is special to me, for it is in honor of her life!

This year, my cousin Anju and I, set up a series of interviews to learn more about her life. What we learned was that there was a lot of hardship in her life. And although all her grandkids are well educated, it was surprising to learn that one of her regrets was that she was married off too soon and as such, was not able to complete her high school education.

She also discussed how her school uniform was a saree :) This got me thinking about a great legend.

Anandi Gopal Joshi, born in 1865 was able to travel to USA to become a doctor. She wore a nauvari saree (9-yard saree) and as did many others who broke barriers even back then. Her birthdate is March 31, 1965- near the day of this run and during a month where we celebrate women. Unfortunately, my grandma could not complete her studies, but this led to this idea!

Could we use the same "power of a saree"- a very traditional desi women's garment to raise funds so that one more girl does not say "I wish I had the means to complete my education?"

As Founder and President of Arva Yoga, I am grateful to be able to join forces with amazing women of Desis of Doylestown to jointly fundraise for a cause worthy of celebrating- Women's education! 

And do that in a fun way...Saree run 2022. Debunk a myth...break the in a saree...celebrate diversity and celebrate women.

My Mothi Aai could not complete her high school but help us get few other girls across that finish line in the race for education this year! Join me to help me meet my personal fundraising goal of $1000 as we work toward our overall goal is $20,000!

If you cannot donate, no worries at all. We have many causes we all support. I am hoping however that if you are local, you can indeed join us at the event:) It's free for all to attend! 

Wear your saree (or kurta) and run/walk/roll on March 27 in Doylestown Central Park from 1pm-4pm. There will be food, DJ and good time guaranteed! There will be sarees available at the come along for a fun cultural immersion! More the merrier! 

Let's celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day in March by participating in the first ever Saree run in USA:) There is a saying..."Behind each successful saree is a supportive kurta", just kidding! But really, in other words, men are welcome to join in and support wonderful women in their lives!

Picture below is my screenshot- talking to my grandma and bridging the distance via facetime! Hope you can donate and/or participate in this wonderful cause!


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Vai Haridas (to honor my grandma and celebrate her 90th!)


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Saree, also called as ‘Sari’ may be a fashionable garment now, but it started from being a humble drape used by women thousands of years ago. The origin of the drape or garment similar to the sari can be traced back to the Indus Valley Civilization, which came into being 2800-1800 BC in northwest India. Typically, the length is between 3.5 to 9 yards and can be worn in many ways that define its versatility and beauty. It is a symbol of the heritage, culture, identities of a Desi Women

We ask you to run in a Saree as our mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, great grandmothers have run in these garments before us. Join us to challenge a misconception that you can't run in a Saree. 

This is the first Saree Run in the USA...come join us in making history, right here in Doylestown PA! After the run, stay to enjoy snacks, beverages, music and several activities

Click here to Register for the Run

Majority of the overall proceeds will be split between the 3 women's education charities we selected to fund specific programs.

Desis of Doylestown and Arva Yoga thank you for your contributions. 

Your donation today is tax-deductible. Arva Yoga is a registered public charity under Section 501(c)3 of Internal Revenue Code and Federal Tax ID: 86-1468955. Arva Yoga offers free and accessible yoga classes and workshops for people from all walks of life with the goal of spreading awareness of the true meaning of yoga while promoting overall mind-body-spirit wellness.

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224 supporters

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