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Rhizomatic Revolution Review [20130613]


This campaign is for what we've spent so far in order to get set up as non-profit and run our first event Rhizome Connect!

The Rhizomatic Revolution Review [20130613]  (R3) is an online, open-access, peer-reviewed journal focused on the impact of BTS. We are interested in supporting academic and artistic work as well as fandom discussion through our publication, online spaces and events (ex: Rhizome Connect).  As the The Rhizomatic Revolution Review 20130613 Foundation we are a registered non-profit 501c3 and we publish for educational purposes only. We are independent of any institution, are not affiliated with BigHit Entertainment, and are 100% volunteer-run. 

Racknowledges that academic work does not exist in isolation. Likewise, we believe that the world can benefit from the sharing of stories and art. This core belief supports the three dimensions of R3:

  • Academic Articles
  • Creative Collections
  • Supplemental Stories

It is our hope that by providing this space for sharing, we will encourage you to place your voices and creations into conversation with the “academic” work of R3.

Work submitted under peer-review categories will undergo a blind review by a team of ARMYs, scholars, and professionals, with the intention of equipping submitted work with the benefits of collective knowledge. Reviewer feedback will be provided to the submitting creator(s) by editorial staff, with recommendations to be addressed in order to be considered for publication.

R3 encourages submissions from scholars, teachers, artists, activists, and community members whose work is accessible in all media forms suitable for web-based publication and distribution. Submissions can take a variety of forms: essays, multimedia pieces, films (videos), digital installations, as well as others. 

R3 currently publishes in English. However, as we continue to grow and develop our editorial staff, we look forward to the day when we may offer translations and accept submissions in a variety of languages.

Why Rhizomes?

This is not a collection of part-objects but a living block, a connecting of stems by which the traits of a face enter a real multiplicity or diagram with a trait of an unknown landscape… Thus opens a rhizomatic realm of possibility effecting the potentialization of the possible, as opposed to arborescent possibility, which marks a closure, an impotence.”

— Deleuze G., Guattari F., (1987). A Thousand Plateaus. Capitalism and Schizophreniatrans. B. Massumi, University of Minnesota Press, p. 190

Our journal name was inspired by the philosophical concept of the rhizome, developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in their book A Thousand Plateaus, and later applied to the “BTS Phenomenon” in the book by Dr. Lee JiyoungBTS, Art Revolution: BTS Meets Deleuze.

The original botanical term refers to plants, such as ginger and turmeric, whose roots emerge from nodes and fuse with other rootstocks as they grow horizontally to form a complicated and intertwined subterranean network. If any part of the rhizome is separated from the main system, it may live on and sprout a new plant.

Deleuzian philosophy adopts this term to describe systems that demonstrate an acentric and horizontal (non-hierarchical) structure. A rhizomatic system is defined by constant change. Its dimensions increase as new connections form. The rhizomatic system is marked by its ability to assimilate that which is “other” — it is an assemblage of heterogeneities without a clear subject or object.

Dr. Lee’s book explains in  great detail how the “BTS phenomenon” (the unique and symbiotic relationship between BTS and their fanbase ARMY, as well as the affiliated activities of both) demonstrates the principles of a rhizomatic system. As such, it is not something that can be fully characterized by studying any node in isolation. She then coins the term “network-image” to describe an artform constituted by a collection of work that is continually co-produced by both artist and spectator through mobile sharing in the digital age.

The Rhizomatic Revolution Review [20130613] (R3) is founded on the understanding that a comprehensive analysis of BTS requires an interdisciplinary approach. We welcome submissions from all fields, and encourage the study of the diverse assemblage of topics embodied by the “BTS phenomenon” and their “network-image.”


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