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Let's reach 100,000 kids this Earth Day! Neighborhood Forest 14th Annual Free Tree Giveaway

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Many of you want to help us reach more children and many of you have the desire to go carbon-neutral.

You can do both by becoming a Neighborhood Forest Carbon Neutral Member for $25 / month!


The average American consumes 7 trees per year in wood and paper products and emits 20 tons of CO2 annually. One tree will sequester 1 ton of CO2 in its lifetime (on average). So, to go carbon neutral via trees, a person has to plant 20 trees for every year they are on the planet. Factoring in estimated tree survival rates and annual wood and paper consumption, we recommend planting 50 trees per year per person to offset an individual’s tree and carbon footprint – thus the 50 trees x $5 = $250 / year or $25 / month membership cost calculation.

Neighborhood Forest is a non-profit, social venture dedicated to giving children their very own tree to plant on Earth Day – for free – every spring.

Since 2010, Neighborhood Forest has mobilized over 900 schools, libraries, and youth groups, reached over 250,000 families, and has given over 90,000 children in 48 states (including Canada) the opportunity to plant their very own tree.

We are growing at an exponential rate and are on track to reach 100,000 kids in 2023 and 1 million children by 2026.

Our dream is to reach every child in North America and eventually the world.

Join us.





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Neighborhood Forest

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