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Are you sick of the Political Nonsense?  Sick of the Covid talk?  So are we!  So let's have some fun while we raise money for the town of Rabbit Hash.  Our small town is having a mayoral election to "loosely" coincide with the Presidential election.  The current mayor, Brynneth Pawltrow, a rescued pit bull,  has a race on her paws for 2020.  She faces "ruff" competition from a cat, a jackass, and several canines.  Who knows, we may have more candidates of other species before long.  Here in Rabbit Hash we make and break the laws as we see fit (just like Washington DC).   

Votes are only $1.00 each, and we encourage you to VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN!   There are many ways to vote:  

Here it is a minimum of $10.00 and you can use  Venmo(sometimes), PayPal, credit or cash.  

Venmo directly to our treasurer  @Stacy-Staat

You can also vote at the General Store, Gunpowder Creek Winery, or Folksiders,  

You can text RHHS to 202-858-1233, or 

Text or call Stella's mother Stacy at 859-630-3954.  

Mail a check to RHHS, 11800 Big Bone Church Rd., Union, KY  41091

Proceeds will keep the lights on, keep our insurance guy happy, and pay for urgent repairs to our aging buildings.   Political corruption has never been this fun.   



303 supporters

$50,000 goal

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Rabbit Hash Mayoral Election