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What if you were only known for the worst thing you've ever done?

At RISE, transformation starts pre-release and continues post-release. Our inside/out model bridges incarceration to the community and considers all the critical steps in that journey.

We prepare and train people for each phase through intensive character development, employment readiness, job creation through entrepreneurship and case management. We transform people in the community by building awareness and empathy that leads to support and opportunity. These connections heal families, create employment pathways and lower recidivism.

“Most importantly, I learned how to plan ahead. I learned how to dive deep..it showed me to challenge my thoughts. RISE helped me prioritize the important things in my life - and being a father is the most important to me. I learned how to be myself, which in turn, showed me how to love others the right way.

I became a better father. I learned how to challenge impulse and think. I became more understanding of things that matter most to me. I learned how to put myself in others' shoes. Lessons applied to my life’s priorities: love, support, understanding, and discipline. Nothing in my life moves without these things. Once I start something, I stop at nothing until I finish it. I’m not stuck in old ways of thinking anymore. RISE helped me change my person and gave me the push to learn who I truly am.” - RISE Graduate

RISE currently serves in 7 Nebraska prisons.

RISE's innovative 6-month program focuses on character development, job readiness and entrepreneurship. Program graduates receive a RISE completion certificate and a Certificate in Career Readiness from the University of Nebraska Omaha's School of Business Administration.

Some of the RISE curriculum components include: Gallup assessments and training for participants (CliftonStrengths and Builder Profile 10); the Pathways to Freedom curriculum developed by the Prison Mindfulness Institute; and entrepreneurship and business curriculum created by NFTE, the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. The curriculum will feature less video content and more classroom teaching and facilitation.

RISE holds in-prison volunteer coaching events and business pitch competitions. Volunteers coach on resumes, leadership statements, business ideation and lead mock interviews. Volunteers judge pitch competitions and provide mentorship to RISE Builders.

RISE offers program graduates case management support upon release. Post-release services include a business incubator, reentry planning, job readiness training and transitional housing.

Nebraska is the 2nd most overcrowded prison system in the United States. The United States incarcerates more people than the rest of the world.

Freedom from cycles of incarceration means:

  • People are building wealth for their families, parenting their children and making positive contributions to their community.
  • It means more tax dollars for education, infrastructure and services.
  • Freedom from cycles of incarceration means there are legislative changes to outdated sentencing laws and people aren’t punished because of race or economic status.
  • It means that generational incarceration in families is stopped dead in its tracks.
  • Freedom from cycles of incarceration means improved public safety, available housing, more mental health and substance abuse support, and higher levels of education attainment.

It means justice in its truest sense.


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62 supporters

$10,000 goal

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