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We received a call from a kind woman in TX, who found an emaciated, dirty, and dehydrated boxer on the side of a rural, dirt road.  He had been thrown away like garbage, yet his spirit had not been broken.  His journey to a better life had just begun.  We found an amazing foster home for Rocky, where he's been since February 13th.  He's working on getting stronger, and learning how to be a dog and do dog things.   Rocky has been a frequent flyer at our vet, as we try to get a handle on his physical ailments.  Unfortunately, tests have shown that his kidneys suffered irreversible damage from the neglect that he endured.  He will be on a prescription diet for the remainder of his life, that will hopefully keep things working properly.  He will require urine cultures, every 6 months or so, to check his kidney function.  Rocky is experiencing some lameness and pain in one of his legs, that we are addressing and will soon have answers to.  His nails are horrifically overgrown and will require long term attention to get them back to a normal length.  His paw pads are in rough shape, but getting better each day.  His skin and his fur are showing signs of improvement just from the love and healthy diet and that he's been getting.  He is not yet neutered, and we are not sure he will be a candidate for a neuter based on his health condition.  It is another conversation to have with our vet in the future, once he is stronger. Rocky is a long term "project", so to speak.  He will remain on medical hold for as long as necessary.  We are committed to him and to making sure that he has his happily ever after with a family who understands his lifetime needs.  This boy hold no grudges, no ill will, no sadness.  He loves, fiercely, and is eager to please.  He is pure joy!

Our rescue appreciates any donation you can make towards his ongoing care.  

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18 supporters

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EIN 27-1946611