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Immigrant Welcome Center, the Indianapolis partner of Welcoming America, presents Welcoming Week 2021. Since 2012, Welcoming Week has served as the annual campaign and celebration led by Welcoming America to showcase the growing movement of communities striving to be more welcoming places for all, including immigrants. By fostering mutual respect and cooperation between new and long-time residents, Welcoming Week brings together people across lines of difference toward greater prosperity for all.

Whether it’s starting a new job, changing schools, or neighborhoods, we’ve all had moments where we felt like we didn’t belong. For people who moved to this country, this experience can last more than a moment. From language barriers to cultural differences, feeling excluded can take years to overcome. But because we all know how it feels to be excluded, we also know how to ensure others belong. When that happens, communities can fully harness the strengths, talents, and contributions of each person to build shared prosperity. This Welcoming Week, let’s declare that Belonging Begins With Us — that each and every one of us has the power to help others, regardless of their background, to be seen, embraced, welcomed, and included in our communities.

Please visit Immigrant Welcome Center for more information on Welcoming Week 2021, and the events taking place September 10th-September 19th in Indianapolis. 



32 supporters

$20,000 goal

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