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Animals are in need and you can do something to help us help them!

There are thousands of homeless dogs and cats in Nicaragua and hundreds in the San Juan del Sur area. The first step to bring help to them was establishing a veterinary clinic. But it just became more apparent how many healthy animals need a place to stay! There is no space in the clinic and too little foster homes to take care of all the kittens, puppies and adult cats and dogs that end up in the hands of SOS animales every day.

That's where the SOS animales Shelter comes in. We are going to build an animal shelter where homeless animals can stay until they find their forever home with a loving family.

That way the SOS animales clinic can work as what it is meant to be – a veterinary clinic – and the healthy animals have a space to live a happy life until they are adopted.

Our goals are in order:

1. Find and buy a piece of land away from other homes in the San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, area suited for our project.

2. Build the shelter indoor space and outdoor spaces, an outdoor kitchen and a simple living area for volunteers.

3. Establish a sustainable rainwater or well system as well as solar panels if not already in place.

4. House the many animals that are at the moment living in the SOS clinic and free space and resources there.

5. Employ volunteers who can help with the daily runnings of the Shelter.

6. Establish a Kennel / Boarding Facility to house pets of the people of San Juan del Sur who want to go away for a few days and leave their loved ones in capable care. The income from the Kennel will be used for the running of the Shelter.

Please, be a part of making a change for the better! You can help so many animals that have already gone through enough to have a safe and healthy space to life in! A Space of air, fresh water, green fields, and love: SOS Shelter.



26 Supporters

8% of $55,000 goal

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