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Our monthly donors are a vital part of SQSH, just like stars are a vital part of our galaxy! As a SQSH Star, you are not only supporting SQSH’s life-saving services, but joining a powerful movement of people committed to queer liberation.

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The hug that SQSH brings to mind is a literal one: the organization uses a wholistic model to honor everyone's lived experiences and assume callers are the experts of their own lives, ensuring that each call is caller-led and packed with peer support, whether that means just listening and affirming the caller or assisting the caller with resources and safety planning. This "wraparound" approach is designed to fully support the caller in all areas and feel like a SQSH! It also means that SQSH doesn't just serve queer folks; it's also made up of the community. Members of SQSH are encouraged to call for support, too.

In addition to honoring lived experiences, SQSH is also rooted in cultural humility and structural competency, revolutionary concepts within the nonprofit world. There's no "end" to learning about oppression or equity and inclusion training. SQSH sees them as a lifelong process that we all must engage in to meet SQSH's mission--to provide an empathetic ear, safe resources and advocacy for LGBTQIA+ folks. SQSH is an invaluable community resource with a unique model that centers on inclusivity, diversity, identity affirmation and dismantling oppression. 

The prioritization of volunteer self-care--not just to prevent burnout but to truly value each individual--is yet another way that SQSH stands out from other nonprofits. SQSH doesn't just actively make wellbeing a big part of volunteer training, either. Volunteers are engaged in every facet of SQSH, from steering and daily operations to the development of curriculum. SQSH's Board is even nontraditional and made up of volunteers elected not by their political pull or pocketbooks but by their experiences and passion for the organization. When you volunteer with SQSH, you're not going to be a coffee runner. You're going to engage in meaningful work that aligns with your own interests and goals.

SQSH's training programs are some of the most engaging and helpful classes I've ever attended. They are highly interactive, and facilitators check in with students, assess their needs, and make it as inclusive as possible. Learners are involved every step of the way.  Classrooms across the globe are already evolving to become more inclusive and web-based, and if they adopted the SQSH model many more people would be able to benefit from an inclusive education from home. The material is incredibly important and beneficial for any profession. The St. Louis County Library has recognized this and held multiple SQSH classes via Zoom. 

With your help, SQSH can continue providing spaces and support for queer St. Louisans to thrive and expand upon services, reaching more people by more inclusive means, such as via texting and multiple language options. Donations help SQSH train more volunteers and teach more citizens about mental health, addressing bias and racism, being a queer ally, active listening and so much more. This work is transformative, powerful, and so very, very necessary. Please give to SQSH, share this campaign, and definitely share SQSH's services with anyone you know who could use an affirming ear. Give SQSH a call and you'll see why everyone could really use a SQSH!

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Our monthly donors provide a consistent income that requires less capacity to maintain than traditional fundraising events or seasonal campaigns. This means that more of your money can go directly towards supporting the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community in a long-term, sustainable way! Our SQSH stars program focuses on uplifting our community from the bottom up, with a focus on spotlighting our grassroots donors who are often giving the most despite having the least.


Every small donation adds up to make a big difference!

  • $10: Funds one week of community outreach efforts, allowing SQSH to invest in community events, publicity materials, and awareness campaigns to help us reach rural, BIPOC, low-income, and immigrant LGBTQIA+ communities across Missouri and Illinois.
  • $25: Funds one SQSH volunteer’s weekly stipend, allowing LGBTQIA+ community members to volunteer their time and energy sustainably.
  • $30: Funds one week of rent, allowing SQSH volunteers to take calls in a private, confidential office space.
  • $50: Funds one month of phone bills, allowing SQSH callers to access free, confidential Helpline service.
  • $60: Funds one SQSH volunteer’s training fees, allowing LGBTQIA+ community members to learn peer counseling skills to support others.
  • $75: Funds one month of insurance, allowing SQSH volunteers to take calls safely & securely.

SATELLITE | $5-$24 per month ($60-$288 per year)

A satellite is a moon, planet, or object that orbits a planet or star. What is community but many intersecting orbits creating one dynamic sky? As a SQSH Satellite, you join a bright network of queer St. Louisans who illuminate SQSH’s values of collective care. Every Satellite’s contribution helps SQSH to strengthen our support for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community. Thank you for joining our orbit as we bring more healers, educators, and advocates into the movement for queer liberation.

As a SQSH Satellite, you will receive:

  • Your profile listed on SQSH’s website and annual report
  • A special digital welcome package, including SQSH Stars e-wallpapers
  • An annual digital thank-you letter

SUNBEAM | $25-$49 per month ($300-$588 per year)

Sunbeams seem to fan out from the sun's position, but actually run parallel to each other like railroad tracks. As a SQSH Sunbeam, you help to shine light into our community’s vision for queer liberation. Every Sunbeam’s contribution helps SQSH to strengthen our support for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community, kindling our hopes for a more just and equitable region.

As a SQSH Sunbeam, you will receive:

  • All the perks of the Satellite tier!
  • An annual printed thank-you letter
  • A monthly raffle entry for a feature on our e-newsletter

STARBURST | $50-$99 per month ($600-$1,188 per year)

Starbursts happen when two galaxies collide and form stars hundreds of times faster than normal. Creating systemic change takes a long time, but SQSH Starbursts help to speed up the process. Every Starburst’s contribution helps SQSH to strengthen our support for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community. Thank you for accelerating the movement towards queer liberation, so that it no longer feels light-years away!

As a SQSH Starburst, you will receive:

  • All the perks of the Sunbeam tier!
  • An invitation to an annual SQSH Stars get-together
  • A special SQSH Stars postcard from our team

SUPERNOVA | $100+ per month ($1,200+ per year)

A supernova is a star that suddenly increases intensely in brightness due to a powerful explosion that ejects most of its mass. As a SQSH Supernova, your contribution creates an explosive impact that paves the way for queer liberation. Every Supernova’s contribution helps SQSH to strengthen our support for the St. Louis LGBTQIA+ community, catalyzing a new era of progress. Thank you for helping to bring out the intrinsic power that radiates within our community!

As a SQSH Supernova, you will receive:

  • All the perks of the Starburst tier!
  • 20% total discount on SQSH merchandise
  • 20% total discount on SQSH event tickets or training

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