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Some people work consistently and hard to make sure those without our privilege get to have what we so easily take for granted. Food, education, clothing. Some of us ( like myself) often focus on our own needs and the needs of our own families and forget about our calling to serve. But my boys have food, shelter, education, access to clean water. I realize that when we aren't faced with what we cannot see then it is easy not to look. But If we don't feed the hungry what do we do with our privilege? What good is it to place the ornaments on the tree if our souls aren't serving humanity as Christ did? Anything helps.

Please consider this cause! Shoulder to shoulder with Haiti is a legitimate mission group and all of your funds will go straight to someone whose life could honestly be changed FOREVER for the better because of YOU! Thank you friends.



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Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti

EIN: 81-4569534


This Giving Tuesday will you give to help feed a child? Gift an adult the tools they need to learn to read & write? Will you donate so a student can attend school? Will you sacrifice to give a single mom the gift of a solid roof over her head & the heads of her children? Will you contribute to help us evangelize & spread the gospel? This is what we do at Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti. We have been called to be the hands & feet of Jesus.

We need your support to continue our feeding program and feed the 70 children that come 3 days a week for nourishment. We need help to continue to educate the 20 adults that are learning to read & write, how else can they read the bible for themselves? We need your partnership to continue our gardens & shade houses that supply the La Seve school hot lunch program & our feeding program. The children that receive both tuition assistance & full school scholarships need your continued assistance so they can finish their education. And the poor widows & single mothers need a hand up to help them provide a sturdy home in which to raise their children.

All of these are prayers you can help us answer when you give a tax deductible donation to Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti. 2020 has been a difficult year on all of us, but especially those who live in poverty.

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Shoulder to Shoulder with Haiti

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EIN 81-4569534