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Year over year, the video game industry continues to grow, reaching $150 billion in annual revenue in 2019. Esports is one of the fastest-growing sports within k-12 institutions and universities. Data shows that 83% of minority teens play videos games, yet, only about 14% percent of video games creators are of Latinx and African-American descent. European/Caucasian creators make up 83% of the industry, thus OUR MISSION is to increase the participation of minorities within the  esports and video game industry, focusing on leadership roles and entrepreneurial careers while jobs and professions are being created. 

Mission of #Tech4Good: #Tech4Good is a monthly campaign, live-streamed on Twitch to raise awareness and resources for students who live in the digital divide and lack resources to technology to participate in distance learning. During and AFTER this COVID-19 crisis, virtual learning and digital literacy are going to be key for student success. 

To bridge the gap of the #digitaldivide:


#T4G(TAG)  Video Campaign (45-60 Secs): 

  • Full Name
  • What you Do/Who You Are
  • How did access to or lack of access to technology impact you as a child?
  • Why should every student have access to adequate technology?
  • Support/Shoutout for Cxmmunity @cxmmunityco ( Cxmmunity.co)
  • Call out 3-5 friends to join you in this cause
  • Tap your phone screen to “tag” the next person and say “Tag your It”
  • Use #Tech4Good & #T4G 

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