Mammoth Softball Field Upgrades at Whitmore


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The picture is of field #1 with some basic mock ups of the upgrades. All upgrades will be to field #2 as it is oriented more favorably with the passing of the Sun. Our fields at Whitmore need a few upgrades to bring them up to CIF and Little League standards. These upgrades would allow us to host playoff games, increase the aesthetic beauty of our field, and most importantly create for safer and more competitive environment for our athletes. The following upgrades listed below have initially been approved in three phases over the next 5-7 years. If we can complete these upgrades quicker please know we are ready and willing to make this happen for our athletes. We are also open to community input on the development of the fields to ensure that we create the best facilities for our local athletes. At the conclusion of this project any remaining funds will be used to address future facility upgrades for our local athletes. 


  • Baskstop
    • Top portion that is missing
    • Padding
  • Dugouts
    • Should accommodate 25+ people
  • Bullpens/Batting cages

Phase 2

  • Outfield fence
    • Outfield warning track - at least 10’ wide
    • Foul poles
  • Out of play fence - from foul lines with 5’ warning track
  • Lights for evening and night play
  • Dirt
    • New
    • Graded 1% from pitchers mound

Phase 3

  • Flag
  • Scoreboard
  • On deck circles



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