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This is our annual giving campaign honoring Nelson Mandela's birthday, July 18!


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In honor of Nelson Mandela Day, July 18, join Adopt a South African Preschool in support of preschool education in South Africa!

What is Adopt a South African Preschool?

Adopt a South African Preschool's mission is to fund the training and resources for preschool education, enabling South African children below the poverty line to succeed in school and in life.


  • Provide critical building blocks (Play and Learn Kits) for children in informal childcare settings,
  • Train and mentor caregivers, empowering them to become better equipped educators,
  • Create new Preschool Hubs to expand our reach.

Why preschool education?

A disproportionate number of preschool children in South Africa live below the poverty line.

Many of these children grow up in single-mother households, not knowing who their fathers are. More than 56% of birth certificates in South Africa have no record of a father. Someone must look after the children while their mothers work, look for work, or beg.

In the inner-city area of Pretoria, often 20-40 children sit in front of a TV all day in the apartment of a woman who has taken them in to earn money. No intentional preschool education takes place in these “creches” since the caregiver is not trained in early childhood development. Government funding for preschools is very limited and qualified teachers are often not available for preschools in poorer areas. As a result, only one in ten six-year olds from the poorest 40% of households is ready for public kindergarten.

By the time these children are fourth graders, 80% can neither read nor comprehend. This huge deficit is seldom overcome. Instead, students drop out, become pregnant, or join gangs searching for self-esteem, power, diversion, and belonging, at least in part, because they started kindergarten too far behind and could not catch up.

We are choosing to honor Nelson Mandela's memory by ensuring that no child in South Africa will be left without the benefit of a childhood enriched by the joy of learning.

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