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To reach street children who generally lack access to public school services due primarily to poverty. These children have also limited access to food, shelter, protection, and health. Through the Street Education Program of Hope for children Rwanda, they will be assisted and provided basic education and meals, will also encourage the street youth to engage in different livelihood/service skills training that will help them to have a sustainable job and have an income generating activities.


The children who live in the streets Rwanda. Some children live with their families while some live on their own. These children have limited access to food, shelter, protection, and health; and these children don't have a chance to go to formal school.


The Street Educators are the primary care givers and serve as role models and change agents. Each one is chosen and trained to establish and sustain relationships with street children, singly or in groups, in their current environment. They facilitate sessions on basic education, alternative and values education, life skills and life goals, child rights, the effects of drug abuse, protection from sexual abuse, primary health care and nutrition.

Long-Term Impact

The street children & their families (if still applicable) as well as the communities will benefit from this project since most of the street children participants will have better direction in life and will no longer be engaged in illegal and unproductive activities but will be worthy and productive citizens of their community. The street children will have the opportunity to develop life goals and to have a better future by motivating these children to engage in service skills training.



13 supporters

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EIN 13-4129493